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The Muslim wedding dress: The exclusive one

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The traditional look chosen by almost muslin brides makes them stunning in appearance. Mainly salwar kameez is preferred by the Muslims for their wedding dresses. The Gharara which originated in Lucknow during the period of Nawabs is still very popular and  is used widely as a Muslim wedding dress. It is basically a garment which is worn by the Indian subcontinent. The garment comprises of kurta, dupatta and pants which are wedge legged. It is ruched at the knee. It is beautifully designed with zardozi work which is very heavy work and weighs a lot.

The day is very special for any bride and it is not about any religion, but it is about the feeling of every bride. She wants to look more beautiful and more stunning compared than everyone on this special occasion.  The brides are very specific about the Muslim wedding dress which they are going to wear in their wedding functions.

The basic dress in salwar kameez but stars is added to this dress if it is embroidered or is decorated with zardozi work. It becomes too heavy to carry but is still preferred by Muslim brides. The Muslim wedding dress is so stunning that one can’t stop staring at Muslim brides. The jewelries and other accessories are matched with the Muslim wedding dress for a smashing combination.

Today’s Muslim wedding dress come in various varieties of fabrics and with a variety of artwork. It has become more of a fashion among Muslim women than a Tradition. Nowadays Muslim wedding dresses are meant to get a stunning and modern look. They now consist of skirts and jalabeeb which is a long cloth and also known as the burqa. And the jibab is worn by Muslims in their daily lives as well as in their weddings.